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Welcome To The KS Site!

Welcome to KS' Website. KS was created out of the old ND clan...
Made by PinkDisaster

KS came to life on 06/04/09 created by TheMetalFox

Why a new clan?
"In the time I was gone in ND, a lot of things changed and the old version and way of living in ND had changed too much. I always believed that a clan needs to look after every single member. Ranks should not matter. A clan is not only to have wars but also to support each other in times we need a shoulder to cry on or just have a lot of fun together. All these things seemed not that important anymore in the eyes of a lot of people in the current ND. So After I came back I decided to make a fresh start. With 1 clear goal: to make this clan a better place for young and old. Ranks are a tradition in any clan but it won't be important in our home. All that matters is that we support each other any day, any time... hand in hand on a road of new adventures. But we will be ONE..."

12/09/2008 foundation of ND

Long live KeepersOfSouls!