The Keepers Of Souls

Gloria Hoc Est KS! KS Imperium Et Libertas!

Hall of Fame

Here we honor our loyal and dedicated members of our clan,who put a lot of effort to our clan to make it the great, respectful and warm clan it is today.
Who knows, maybe one day you will be placed between these legends of KS who show the true KS spirit and have been doing this for the longest time.
Every member here has been selected by their actions and activity for this clan and the great effect it has on our clan.

All members has been added by me personally (TheMetalFox) with a bit of text, to show them how much I appreciate their work for our clan and for their friendship and loyalty.

(Pictures made by Luna & Don Fortune)



Maiden originally was a member of an enemy clan of ours (TRE) but she has been a great, loyal dedicated member of KS now since May 2009. Her sense of humor and her natural born way of caring for everyone and trying to keep peace and a good atmosphere at base speaks for her. Everybody likes her and she is willing to spend time with any member privately if they need to talk. She worked very hard to become what she is today in KS. Her vision, way of thinking and her mature way of dealing with things makes her a great afford to our clan.She stole my heart and never gave it back! I'm proud to call her my baby and even more proud to stand beside her side in love and war.. Thank you hun for everything you've done for KS..and for me!


Masterman, the fat jolly Viking of KS has been with us since ND working very hard and a loyal member. He is a great member of this clan doing excellent work since he joined in ND and never gave up in raids or anything of that sort. He then became council just a few months ago and has kept up his great leadership and staying loyal and active. We hope he stays with us for a long time and he keeps his loyalty in this clan. Thank you for all the hard work you have done it’s very appreciated. 

Council Members


Baduy is a great member of this clan and has been with KS since it turned into KS. One of our older and more mature members, he helps out a lot in base being a great recruiter and helping out new members a lot. He got inducted into the council and has been doing more and more work keeping up his loyalty for this amazing clan. He shows great talent with leading and listens to any complaints from members. Thanks for your help Baduy we couldn’t have kept KS up without your help.

Ex Leaders

Ego was our first co leader in the start of ND. He is a close brother of me personaly and been since the start of his sherwood playing time. I trained and guided ego ever since he started playing sherwood and so we became rly close friends. He did a lot for our clan and loves war and making the enemy look bad. Ego doesnt easily open up too people and to most people he might look arrogant and a show off but to me he always will be a great warm guy who u can talk about everything with. Once u know him,he s a great friend too have around and a great leader. His temper blocks the way some times but in the end,he follows his heart and only wanna do the best thing. He been in our clan for a very long time untill he desided too make his own clan: IR. We still miss him,well.. I do a lot anyway. But im happy that his new clan is working out for him and we can only hope that one day,he will return to us. 


Luna has been with me in KS for the longest time. She was also a member when KS was still ND and always supported me personally and trough time she's grown a lot in the clan, took more responsibility and showed more and more leading capabilities and worked very hard to become the leader she is today in KS. She shows warmheartedness, understanding and a listening ear to all but also can be hard and straight to the point when needed. Recently she also took a lot of work on rebuilding our new site into the awesome looking site it is today. Besides being a great leader, she is also a very close personal friend to me who gave me and our clan strength in time of need, whenever.. Thank you for your hard work for the clan, but most of all... thank u for your friendship and the smile u give me, and many others in KS.

 Parra Warra has been a member of KS ever since it still was called ND. His warm friendship, funny jokes and helping hand affects us all and is highly appreciated. He left us for a little while to try his own clan but this didn't work out exactly the way he planned so he decided to come back and from the very first moment he gave 101% to the clan and put his heart into it. He is an awesome leader who stands up for rightness and justice and always ready to rock. He is a very good personal friend and always creates a good laugh in base for everyone. Thank you bro for everything you've done and you def. earned your place here.  


 Scythe our Australian leader has been with KS for a very long time. He has been a loyal member progressing through the ranks and finally getting a place in council where he demonstrated a good sign of leadership. He then got his place as our co-leader and has been doing a great job since then. He’s an awesome member who demonstrates a great sense of leadership with his calm ways and funny comments making him a great member. Thank you for all your help in KS. You defiantly earned your place in the hall of fame. 


When Skull joined KS he directly showed leadership and took care for our younger and new members. He started training members and is always active. He showed to have a true KS heart and he is a great personal friend. He cares about everyone and will always do his best to solve a problem. He is not as active anymore these days but that doesn't make him less great then any other leader or co leader. Skull thank u for all your dedication to the clan and being my bro. You rock bro!

Ex Co-Leaders

Green Robin is a close friend to many of us and always there to listen to you and to give a helping hand. Robin started out as a SMJR but climbed all the way up until he got CO-LDR for all his hard work, friendship and loyalty. He cares a lot about his friends and the clan and that shows what a great personality this guy has. I'm happy to have him as a friend and also as a great Co-Leader of KS.


 HellsFlame is one of KS oldest members and gone trough almost every rank too become what he is today.. When ND was created and under a lot of pressure by enemy clans, he was one of the first ones to join us and protected ND/KS against all of those who tried to break us down. He always worked hard for our clan and is a true warrior. His calmness, experience and his sense of humor make him not only a great leader but also a very dedicated member of the clan. His hard work and loyalty has been recently rewarded with giving him co leader ship and now, his final place in the hall of fame! Thank you for all the great work and afford u been making to the clan and for your friendship and loyalty. 


 Hunter has been in KS for a very long time starting off in mid way and working his way up to ranks pretty quickly. He brought a great sense of humor to the room whenever he was there and was very social. He is a very good recruiter and loves leading raids. He has had some ups and downs in KS but his worst one making him quit to start his own clan. After 2 months of his clan he returned to KS and gave his best showing true leadership. He got himself a 2nd chance into the council and soon got his place as a co-leader. He has been doing tremendous work his whole time in KS and we hope he stays with us for a long time. Thank you for all the work you have done for KS.  
Maeve is a really sweet and nice woman and been together with Scythe since almost her start in KS. She is warm and welcoming to all our members and likes to hang in base to welcome new people and make them feel at home. This doesn't only make her a great member of our clan but also a great council member. Cause she always tries to make everyone feel welcome, no matter how new or what their rank is. She also is very intelligent and a great listening ear for those who need to put something off their chests. She is a close friend to many of us and could not be pictured outside KS anymore.



Teddy is KS s national Hug bear! He is a amazing sweet, modest and nice guy. He has the true KS spirit and eventho he been gone and back for long whiles, he will always have a important and close place inside our hearts. He joined KS back in the day when we were still named ND. He is loyal to the clan and to his friends. He is very relaxed and likes to joke around. He been trough some rough things in life which forced him too become a adult on a very young age. This all enlights his great karacter tho and made him a great co ldr in KS. He is still a great KS member but because of his unactivity he had too resign from his function as co leader. As a true leader and friend,he made that choise him self which shows just once more what a great guy he is.



Pipes joined KS in the beginning of ND and never left anymore. She been gone for a very long time cause of a car accident but never gave up on KS which shows her true loyalty to our clan. She is a great fighter and a real war monster. She can keep fighting for hours and never complains about a single thing. She is nice and friendly to all unless u step on her shoes. She works hard for the clan when she is online and is up for just anything that needs too be done for the clan. She is a great member and we are happy too have her inside KS.



 True Pinoy is a very old member of this clan being in it when it was called ND and joining when it turned into KS. He’s always in a good mood and a very nice guy who came into ND rising through ranks not caring where he started and such. He enjoys guiding members and got his place into the council with his good leading skills. Then got his place as our co-leader and has been doing excellent ever since. Thank you True for everything you have done you will always be remembered in KS.


WhiteFox has been a member of KS since a very long time. He shows great leading abilities and also shows that his heart is a true dedicated KS heart. He made
some really beautiful and awesome KS movies (you can see them on our site) and took responsibility for the website building of our trainers site. Whitefox puts a lot of work in training members and keeping the trainer site up to date. He is always willing to help and has a true fight spirit. His loyalty to the clan and all his great and hard work made him earn his spot in our HOF.. WhiteFox,Thank u for all the work you've done, and hopefully for KS, will do in the future.

Ex Council Members

Man this was a guy who dedicated his time for KS. He joined back in ND working his way through ranks eventually reaching the council position that he deserved. He is a very great leader for KS and he did amazingly leading raids in and out of KS base. Unfortunately he got inactive over the past few months but he will always be remembered as an excellent member of KS. He loved KS very much and we still see him from time to time. You defiantly earn this spot Artu!

Blizzard is one of our oldest and strangest members of KS. He has always been around but not always as active. But his loyalty and friendship have always been there and he always been a great help too KS and a good friend to many of us.He was going trough some hard time and hardly had any time too go on SWD but he will never be forgotten so he got his place in the HOF so that new members and old members will always know who Blizzard was and still is and hopefuly he can be with us more actively soon again..Either way,he always be a part of us and KS.Thank you Blizzard for all the fun we have and for everything you did for KS..



Bokitoman is a loyal member of KS and been in our clan for a long while now. From his first day in KS on, he was feeling right in KS and always making jokes and having fun. Bokitoman likes a good laugh and likes to joke a lot. But also can be very serieus when its needed. This makes him the great council member that he is today. Sure he makes mistakes some times. But he is young and he shows that he learns very fast and always willing to help out and come with new ideas. He is very creative and enthousiastic, this makes it happens that not all his ideas are thought well thought out but he always means it with the best intentions. He is a great addition to our clan and we are proud to have him in our council.



Don Fortune, my one and only son in sherwood. Im very proud too call him my son. Cause i recognize a lot of me inside of him. He works very hard for our clan from day 1 and really want too help people. Don is the kind of guy that puts his own feelings aside just to be able too help others. This is a amazing thing but he should think more about him self some times. He is also mostly responsible for the great looking websites we have. Don spent a lot of time on our sites to make it look really fresh and hot and keeps a lot of our info updated. All this takes a lot of time but Don does it with a smile which is truely amazing. He is very close to me and I wouldn't trade him as a son for anything in the world. KS is lucky to have a guy like Don fortune inside the clan and i hope that our clan will be having him till the very end.



Kappa joined KS late last year and has been doing excellent work since then. There’s always a laugh with her when she’s on. Starting as unranked and having a lot of fun in KS she finally requested a rank in KS moving up through them easily. Being a member for awhile she got inducted into the council showing us good leadership skills with a great sense of humor and her soft way of leading. She is a great member of this clan and we thank her for all her help.



Kissofdeath has been suporting and helping our members ever since we started as ND.. He left us once in the mean time for personal reasons but alrdy back in our family for the longest time now. He is like a father figure for lot of people and he helped the pinoy members to feel home in our clan..He is a great father and a friend..A very strong fighter and can fight on for hours. Eventho he loves too fight,rather he wins or loose,he takes it in a good way and keeps being friendly. Always there if you need him and very active in our clan..He refused to take a rank but after more then a year,he agreed to become a council member,something he realy earns and suits him well.. I hope me and all of KS can enjoy his warm friendship and presense for much longer and thank u bro for all the great work and time u put in our clan and in us.



Metal Rose joined KS and immediately brought more life to this amazing clan. She’s a great person to have around and real nice and funny. There’s no being mad at her she’s just too fun to have around to be mad at. She became a member of the KS council after staying loyal and helping out a lot. She really deserved it working hard and we are real grateful to have her in our clan. Thank you for all of the help that you have given to this clan, you really give a lot of us a great laugh. 



Naturfee-Amy has been a member of KS since just a few weeks that ND started. She is one of our oldest and most loyal members we have. Naturfee Amy is there for KS every single day and can fight in wars for hours if she has too. She cares a lot about friendship and respect and tries to bring this over to other members, with great success. Naturfee-Amy isn't just only a great and loyal member for the clan but also a great, respected friend who is always there for me and for anybody who needs it. She is a very loveable person and very sensitive. She loves too dance and she is famous for her hours of dancing in sherwood! Thank u Amy for being here always for our clan and for being a great friend of mine and KS.



The dawg is the cool guy from down under. Left KS a long time ago for a moment to discover more of sherwood. But returned within a week and never left again. He climbed up his way with all patience. Patience is a keyword for his personality. Dawg has a calm and relaxed character, which makes him a perfect council member. He tries to keep the peace and tries not to judge too fast. He is friendly and warm and likes to help out young and old. He is a good friend and a great member and council member of our clan.



Xena was a member of ND but decided not to join KS right away when ND transformed into KS. But not much later, Xena decided to make her own clan (MF) change into KS and this was very successful. Ever since Xena has been on top of things and showed great leadership and a listening ear for anyone. She also took a lot of work out of my hands by editing the site and trying to help all our members with questions or problems. She is not only a great afford to our clan but also a great personal friend of mine who I am very lucky to have as friend and as a dedicated council member of KS. Thank u Xena, for all the work u did for the clan and our site..Your name will never be forgotten! 

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