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Gloria Hoc Est KS! KS Imperium Et Libertas!

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On this page you can find stories about KS and its members.

What are Member Stories? Mainly a player's history in Sherwood, experiences, what happened for you in Sherwood and much more!

Q: How can I share my story?
A: Easy, just post it on our Guestbook and it will be added ASAP.

Enjoy the stories

Foundation KS

When KS arrives, we bring the fire..

Makes you come alive, KS can take you higher

So say your prayers to god, KS is here to remind you

KS let it rock, let it rock, let it rock!!

 Why a new clan?

"In the time I was gone in ND, a lot of things changed and the old version and way of living in ND had changed too much. I always believed that a clan needs to look after every single member. Ranks should not matter. A clan is not only to have wars but also to support each other in times we need a shoulder to cry on or just have a lot of fun together. All these things seemed not that important anymore in the eyes of a lot of people in the current ND. So after I came back I decided to make a fresh start. With 1 clear goal: to make this clan a better place for young and old. Ranks are a tradition in any clan but it won't be important in our home. All that matters is that we support each other any day, any time... hand in hand on a road of new adventures. But we will be ONE..."

12/09/2008 foundation of ND

Long live Keepers of Souls!

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Keepers of Souls
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